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Credit24, a non-bank lending agency, offers to lend money by applying online. The first credit line for 30 or 60 days is promised without interest, but then has to pay interest. That’s all right.

Interest is much higher than you’d like and often higher than in banks. Essentially, interest is equivalent to a credit card interest unless worse conditions are applied. For other quick loans, interest rates tend to be even higher.

If you borrow and cannot pay in time, you pay the penalty interest or transfer it to bailiffs. There is no possibility to extend the repayment term.
Lending money from the age of 18, which means that some young people still take loans online and then they are likely to be paid by parents because they don’t have the money themselves.

Description of Credit24 offer
1. Maximum amount of 4000 eur – I would like to see whom they have loaned 4,000 euro for the first time.
2. It is not possible to extend the loan repayment term. This is a big draw because most other lenders offer credit extensions.
3. The repayment term of up to 36 months is acceptable.
4. Consider the application within 15 minutes (working hours) – ok.


SIA “IPF Digital Latvia” (previously MCB Finance). Belongs to an investment fund registered in England. Also operates in Lithuania, Estonia and Australia.

Address: 13 Janara Street 3, Riga, Latvia – LV-1050

Before you borrow you must read the contract and, if there is nothing understandable, write in a chat or a better email so that there is evidence of prior correspondence. 2019